Focus T25 Challenge Pack Sale

T25 Challenge Pack SaleThe Focus T25 challenge pack sale has begun! This is my absolute, favorite fitness program, so whenever it’s on sale I encourage everyone to grab it!

This is the newest fitness program from Shaun T, former track star and creator of Insanity. Have you heard of that one? Well, T25 is a little different. First of all, these workouts are ONLY 25 minutes!  They’re full of fast-paced, high-intensity moves that are fun and very challenging.

But this one is perfect for beginners, too!

There’s a modifier in every workout to show you how to get the same results without the high-impact jumping.  You can modify when you need to, then work your way up to full throttle with Shaun T.  You’ll want to do this 10 week challenge over and over again because you improve so much each time.


T25 Challenge Pack Sale Details


There are 2 phases, Alpha and Beta, which are 5 weeks each.  Alpha Phase is all about the cardio, learning the moves and increasing your endurance.  Then you go to Beta Phase, which adds resistance training with the band (which comes with the program) or dumbbells.  I loved Beta, especially Speed 2.0.  It was fun, fun, fun!  I still throw it in with my other routines just because I miss it.

I’m usually more of a weight training person, not very good with cardio or running.  After completing T25 I had a totally different viewpoint.  I had to modify a lot in the beginning because I just couldn’t do much jumping.  I would alternate between the modified and regular moves.  As time went on and my endurance improved I could keep up with the rest of the group more.  At the end of those 10 weeks I found myself modifying very little.  (Those cross-jacks still get me.)  But that’s ok because I had such incredible results.


I Took Advantage of a T25 Challenge Pack Sale and this is what happened…

Summit T25 Workout with Shaun TI did this program immediately after I finished P90X, so I was just 5 pounds short of my goal weight at the time, and pretty satisfied with my shape overall.  So I was really shocked when I took my final measurements.

Thanks to T25 I had lost 2 inches in my hips, 1 inch in my waist, 1 inch in each thigh, and got rid of those last five pounds!  Five pounds doesn’t seem like a lot on the scale, but losing those inches made a big difference in the way looked and felt.  My clothes fit so much better, my lower abs were so tight, and my core had never been that strong in my life.  Shaun T really knows what he’s doing!

Here’s a peek at the last couple of minutes of Speed 2.0.

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