NEW! PiYo Workouts with Chalene Johnson

PiYo workouts are finally here! This is a brand new home fitness program by Chalene Johnson. You may know her from TurboJam, Chalene Extreme, and TurboFire, which are all excellent, high-energy workouts.

PiYo Workouts

Well, this one is a little different. It’s a 60-day, low-impact fitness program inspired by yoga and pilates, but it keeps you moving. No holding those poses for what seems to be FOREVER! It’s designed to burn fat, strengthen and sculpt your body without all of the jumping around.

There’s also a modifier for anyone who’s never tried yoga before, or for those of us who are out of practice. I just started the program and I love it so far! I’m already more flexible and I feel so good when I finish the PiYo workouts. I’ll keep you posted as I progress. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.


PiYo Workouts – My Week 2 Review!


PiYo Workouts Base Kit

PiYo Deluxe Kit


Body Beast Workouts at a New Reduced Price!

The Body Beast workouts are now at the lowest price ever! I’m so excited! If you’ve never heard of this awesome bodybuilder program, you’re really missing out, because Body Beast is one of the first all-encompassing resistance, nutrition, and supplement systems on the market. It was created by champion body-builder Sagi Kalev to increase your muscle definition, shred fat, and completely transform your body in just 90 days!


Starting July 24, 2014, Body Beast is on sale – permanently! Here are the details:


You can build extreme muscle and bulk naturally with Dynamic Set Training™. By using Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progression Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more, with added resistance, it is designed to exhaust the muscles, activate more muscle fibers, and naturally boost testosterone levels beyond what’s been possible before in a home training system.

The Body Beast workout routine is designed to pack on up to 10 pounds of muscle mass in 90 days. Sagi also developed an in-depth bodybuilding nutrition plan that provides lots of quick, simple-to-prepare, delicious meals that will help pack on the muscle—fast. Caleb did it!

Body Beast TransformationCaleb was so scrawny, his friends used to call him “string bean.” But then he activated BEAST MODE and gained 13 lbs. of solid muscle mass with Body Beast®. He entered his results and won $1,000 in the Beachbody Challenge™!

Ladies, it’s not just for the men. I discovered weight training a long time ago and LOVED the results! My body totally changed. My muscles didn’t bulk up (as some women may believe), but they were firmer, more defined, and I was stronger. My abs were flatter than they had ever been. You know I loved that! Even now, I try to choose fitness programs that incorporate weight training into the routines because I know how well it works. Check out Shanda’s results!

Body Beast TransformationShanda lost 24 pounds in 90 days with Body Beast! “I truly feel amazing! I have so much energy now. I chose Body Beast because I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to have some muscle definition. I was able to achieve both. Body Beast got me in the best shape of my life!”

Body Beast workouts are perfect for men and women who want to get back in shape by using the fantastic benefits of weight training, want to lose their gut without doing crazy cardio, or like the idea of building a physique they can be proud of. This one is definitely going in my fitness library!

GET YOUR BODY BEAST WORKOUTS NOW to start your transformation!

My First 90-Day Challenge – P90X!

My first introduction to Beachbody was P90X.  Have you seen the informercial?   I think almost everyone has at some point because it’s been around forever.  I had seen it so many times I could tell you which workout or success story was coming up next.

I REALLY wanted to try it but I didn’t know if I could actually do it because I was so out of shape.  I’d had weight issues my whole life due to lack of discipline, mostly.  My eating habits were terrible.  Like most people I ate a lot of fast food, sweets, treats, and junk food in general.  Sound familiar?  When I was younger I could lose the weight just by exercising – walking, swimming, some weight training thanks to my DP Gympac.  It was a gift from my husband the first year of our marriage.  (We still have it 26 years later.  I still haven’t figured out why.)

I needed an effective fitness program that included a nutrition plan.  Exercise alone was not enough these days.  I needed to start putting the right foods into my body too.

Anyway, I knew I needed to get healthy and Tony Horton finally convinced me to get off the couch!  So I finally ordered it.

I had to modify a lot at first.  A lot.  Over time, however, I found that I modified less and less because I was getting stronger.  I could even do a few push ups the regular way – off my knees!  I still couldn’t do pull-ups but I found that the resistance band was an excelleafterP90Xpicnt substitution for a pull-up bar.  Much to my surprise, plyometrics became one of my favorite workouts.  I was hooked!

I finished the 90 day challenge, proud and in the best shape of my life.  I had lost about 10 lbs, lost many inches all over my body, and gained muscle.  P90X took me from a size 12 to a size 6!  I was so shocked that I could be that fit.  Shocked and very, very happy.  Thank you Tony Horton!  And thank you Beachbody!

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